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Intermunicipal bodies

List of delegate (s) for inter-municipal committees (pdf)

AIEC : Intermunicipal Water Association Condroz.
Distributes the water in the municipalities of Hotton, Ciney, Havelange and Somme-Leuze Hamois.
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AISDE : Intercommunal Association of Water Supply.
It is responsible to protect their users.
AIVE : It is responsible for drainage issues.
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CCE : Municipal Council for Children. Develops a sense of citizenship. Applies the principles of democracy and addresses issues within the community of children.  
CCAT : Advisory Commission of Land Management. It provides advice for planning important issues.  
CCSR : Road Safety Consultative Committee.  
CD : Waste Commission. She studies the development of sorting and working with a program of waste reduction planning.  
CLDR : Local Rural Development Commission. Advice on rural development projects.  
Famenoise : Social home company of Municipalities of the Famenne  
IDELUX : Inter Economic Development of the Province of Luxembourg. It deals with tourism issues (display of fauna and flora) as well as plans for municipal planning.
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IDELUX Finances : Subsidiary of Financial Idelux.
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VIVALIA : Inter hospital care Famenne - Ardennes - Condroz. Site of Marche-en-Famenne (Hôpital Princesse Paola), site of Bastogne (Sainte-Therese) and Polyclinic Vielsam (Clinique Saint-Gengoux).
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INTERLUX : Inter responsible for electricity distribution and cable television.
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SOFILUX : Inter responsible for electricity distribution and cable television.  
SWDE : Société Wallonne des Eaux.
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SWDL : Walloon Home Corporation.  
Télélux : Inter responsible for electricity distribution and cable television.  
Terrienne : Social home company.  

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