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Social services
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Social services



 Opening hours


Service / Person in charge : Marie-Anne BENNE
Email :
Fax : 084 46 74 40

Laurence Evrard : 084/ 37 41 55
Marie-Thérèse Laurent : 084/ 37 41 56
Françoise Marthoz : 084/ 37 41 57
Françoise Dehar: 084/ 37 41 58
Nathalie Widart : 084/ 43 01 11
  Mondays – Thursdays from 9h to 11h30

The chairman welcomes you on Saturdays from 9 a.m. till noon at the Municipal Administration.

To join us

  C.P.A.S. (Public Centre for Community Action)
Rue des Ecoles, 29 • 6990 Hotton
  • The CPAS delivers accurate and updated information on social rights, right to housing, right to work, job search assistance and any other social matter.
  • The CPAS jointly collaborates with various partners specialized in specific sectors.
  • The CPAS departments listen to citizens. Each user is entitled to a personal and professional one-on-one mentoring programme which results into follow-up of petitions, directing users to another possible department if more appropriate, support, filing miscellaneous requests, job search assistance...
  • Any person living within the municipal jurisdiction can sollicitate interventions from the CPAS. These interventions are awarded after analysis of the petition.
  • There are currently different kinds of assistance services :

    * the Social Integration Income (R.I.S.), formerly known as « minimex », implemented as:
      a job and/or a minimum income grant,
    * financial and material aids,
    * psychological assistance such as listening and moral support,
    * administrative assistance,
    * financial guidance, energy management (water, electricity, heating)
    * sports cheques.
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