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Heating allowances
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Heating allowances

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Service / Person in charge :
Mme DEHAR Françoise
Email :
Tel. : 084 37 41 58
Fax : 084 46 74 40
  Mondays : okt to april

May to sept. :
from 13h to 15h

or by appointment

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Rue des Ecoles, 29 • 6990 Hotton
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  • Are you entitled to heating allowances ?

  • If you use one of the following heating systems :

-diesel fuel, paraffin (type c), propane gas in bulk
You don’t qualify for allowances if you use :
- natural gas (connection with the urban gas supply network)
- propane or butane gas cylinders

- If you belong to the following categories :

First category : people entitled to the increased health and disability insurance (BIM ex-VIPO) :
- widow(er), disabled person, pensioner or orphan
- handicapped child entitled to increased family allowances
- long-term unemployed people (for more than one year) over 50 years of age
- people entitled to the guaranteed allowance for older people (GRAPA or RGPA)
- people entitled to the replacement income allowance for handicapped people
- people entitled to the social integration allowance (RIS)
- people entitled to a social allowance equaling the social integration income
- people entitled to the OMNIO statute
  and if your household income meets the requirements of the second category.

Second category : low-income household :
Your household taxable gross income(1) is inferior or equal to 16.306,33€ per year, with additional 3.018,74€  income per dependant (2).
(1) If you own another real estate than the one where you live in, special calculation methods will be applied.
(2) A dependant is any family member whose annual net income is inferior to 2,700 € (except family allowances and child support).

Third category : people deeply in debt :
If you benefit from a collective debt settlement or debt mediation and if the CPAS (Public Centre for Community Action) have noted that you cannot pay your heating bill.

Modification: fourth category :
If you don’t belong to any of the aforementioned categories and if your household taxable net income is inferior or equal to 26,000 € per year, you can file a petition for a 105 € fixed discount to the SPF Economie office.
For any further information, please dial 0800/120.33 or visit

You are entitled to heating allowances…

  • How much does the allowance amount ?
    Since January 1st 2009, the amount of the allowance has been depending on the heating system, the price per liter and the category you belong to; the intervention threshold has been abolished.
    The heating allowance will be granted regardless of the oil fuel price.
    As for combustible materials that are delivered in bulk, the allowance fluctuates between 14 cents and 20 cents per liter.
    You need a maximum of 1,500 liters per heating period and per household living in the same apartment to get that allowance.

What concerns diesel fuel and small quantities of pumped paraffin (type c), there is a fixed 210 € allowance.
You are entitled to that fixed allowance with only one ticket.

  • Where and when can you file your petition ?
    You have to file your petition to the Hotton CPAS within 60 days following the delivery. Ms. Françoise Dehar (084/374158), social worker, will receive you :
    from october to april : during hotlines,
    every Monday from 13h to 15h (except holidays)
    from may 1st until september : by appointment only.
  • What documents do you need ?
    You need at least the following documents :
    - a copy of applicant’s ID and SIS card
    - household composition
    - proof of income from all the household members (latest tax assessment, most recent pay slip, latest social allowance…)
    - a copy of the invoice/delivery order
    - if you live in an apartment building, an attestation filled out by the landlord or the manager of the building, including the number of apartments concerned
    - for the third category, a copy of the eligibility decision or a copy of the attestation signed by a mediator.
    - for the second category, the latest real estate tax assessment for all the household members
    - your IBAN bank account number.

    The CPAS will check your computerized income data as well as all your household members’, directly from the SPF Finances database, in order to see if you satisfy the aforementioned income requirements. The CPAS may contact you in case they should need any further information.

    Should you need more information, please contact the Hotton CPAS or dial the Fonds chauffage toll-free number (0800/90.929) or visit their website:
  • Famenne Energy, granting service 0% loan for energy saving work.

The price thresholds that are mentioned in this folder are valid subject to a possible indexation.

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