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Animations for children /Child care services
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Animations for children /Child care services

    Maison Communale d'Accueil de l'Enfance (Child care Town Hall)
    Avenue de la gare, 108
    B-6990 MELREUX
    Tél. : 084/ 46 74 93

    The M.C.A.E. is a child care service for children aged between 0 and 3.


    Four pediatric nurses take turns every day to secure the children’s well-being and awakening.
    Meals are determined week after week. They are varied and adapted as a function of children’s age.

    The M.C.A.E. is on duty:

    On weekdays from 7 a.m. till 6 p.m.


    The admission to the child care centre is submitted to the ONE regulations, which provide in particular that the children shall always be in possession of their O.N.E. records These precautions enable the catering centre to host O.N.E. consultations (vaccines, weigh-in,..) that take place on the first Tuesday and on the third Thursday of each month.


    It is a scale of financial contributions fixed by the O.N.E. that allows to determine monthly living expenses for each child admitted to the M.C.A.E.
    Calculation is based upon monthly family disposable income and the number of daily hours that the child spends in the centre. A full day attendance is completed when the child spends more than 5 hours in the centre.

    It has to be mentioned that when 2 children from a same family are liable for the scale, the financial contribution for each child only amounts to 70 per cent of the regular charge.
    So fees vary from more or less 2 € a day to more or less 18€ a day, according to all of those criteria.
    Only days when the child effectively attended the centre will be charged on the monthly invoice. 

Tél. : 084/37 41 57


    Stages organisés   (Organized training courses)
    (in partnership with the Hotton Cultural , the extra curricular catering service
    and the non-profit-making body "Les petits futés")

    CONTACT : Mrs Mornie
    Tél. : 084/ 46 79 79
    CONTACT : Mrs J. Lardinois
    Tél. : 084/36 00 04


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