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Adjusted financial aids
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Adjusted financial aids

  • The CPAS is empowered to grant financial aids as an advance on family allowances, unemployment benefits, subsistence allowances and retirement pensions. People can get a refund from those financial aids. That refund can be directly awarded by the competent body or in the absence thereof by the advance beneficiary.
  • The CPAS can also offer budget guidance to deal with debt problems.
  • Since January 1st, 2008 petitions for allowances and/or social benefits (SPF, Direction Générale pour la Personne Handicapée- General Management for Disabled People) (Vierge Noire) have been filed in the CPAS premises and not via the Population Department of the Municipal Administration.
    Contact: Nathalie Widart at the address below (Handicontact)
    Hours : on Thursdays between 10 a.m. and noon or by appointment at the 084/ 37 41 50 or at the 084/ 43 01 11
    For any further details :
    AWIPH, SPF Dir. Gén. pour la Personne Handicapée.


CPAS (Public Centre for Community Action)
Rue des Ecoles, 29
Tél. : 084/ 37 41 50

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