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Public works under way
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Public works under way

  • Station d'épuration (Naive brook, works completed)
  • Egouttage général (Draining works in general)
  • Egouttage à Hotton, circulation, parkings ... ...(Draining works in Hotton, traffic, park lots…)

    Rue Haute closure from March 9th 2009 :
    Diversion route :
    - To HOTTON – EREZEE :
    via rue des Ecoles, rue des Vergers and rue Haute
    - To EREZEE – HOTTON :
    via rue du Levant and rue des Ecoles
    Trash bins are collected from 7:30 a.m.

    Next  public works:
    Route de Ny : April-May 2009
    Place Saint Pierre : September 2009

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