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Physicians on duty
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Physicians on duty

  • Physicians on duty :
    If you want to get some updated information about physicians on duty we suggest you should check out the section including a list of doctors who are settled on the municipal territory. Those physicians can give you the information that you need.

    New as of February 4, 2012 : unique number of guard during the weekend : 1733 (from Friday 20pm  to Monday 8am).

    Given the shortage of general practitioners, medical care of Hotton and Rendeux be held in Marche, Avenue de France, 6 (former Christian mutual). Two doctors will be present and a third mobile.

    A shuttle service will be organized to convey patients who don't have transportation: it will bring them to the pharmacy, all for a fixed sum of 5 euros.

    The payment shall run for the weekend. A secretary will be present to take information about the patient, send the certificates to the Mutual on Monday and send a short report of each patient to his doctor. The area of Marche-en-Famenne will have a population of 74,000 inhabitants with a pool of 87 doctors.

    Serious emergencies :
    dial 112 from ANY TELEPHONE or call your attending physician.

Physicians and pharmacists on duty in your municipality


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