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+ Events:

Find out about most events in the Schedule section on this website or on the Tourism website.


Agenda (Schedule)
Tourisme/ Agenda (Tourism/Schedule)

+ Weddings:

It is necessary to make a declaration in the municipality where the wedding will be celebrated,
six months before the wedding at the earliest and a fortnight before the wedding at the latest.


Service Etat civil (Civil Registry Department)

+ Doctors: Permanences (Duty hours)
Rôles de garde (Physicians and pharmacists on duty)

+ Federal mediator
Tel: 02/289 27 27 - Fax: 02/289 27 28
On duty in Marche on the second working Monday of each month from 10 a.m.till 3 p.m.
Municipal Administration - Château Jadot (Jadot Castle)
(2nd floor), Rue du Commerce 19 - 6900 Marche-en- famenne. Without appointment.

+ Finance Ministry (tax return) :

VAT, taxes in Marche-en-Famenne
Tel. :
084/ 37 44 00

+ Mobility :

Dispositif d'Accès à la Mobilité Immédiate pour l'Emploi en Région Rurale (Employment Immediate Mobility Acces Plan in Rural Regions)
Relative pilot scheme for the restoration of byroads and bypaths on the territory of the Hotton municipality.

Réseau Autonome des Voies Lentes (Autonomous Network of Slow Ways)

Site fédéral (Federal website)
Portail de la médiation (Mediation portal)




Service Fédéral Finances (Federal Service « Finances»)
Adresses des Administrations Fiscales (Tax administration address book)




Plan d'Itinéraires Communaux Verts (Map of municipal green routes)


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