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+ Justice and Law :

- The courts is established in Marche-en-Famenne, Rue Victor Libert, 9
- Justice of the peace:
  Tel. : 084/ 31 08 70
- Victims service:
  Tel. : 084/ 31 09 85
- Marche-en-Famenne House of Justice
  Tel. : 084/ 31 00 41
- Infor-jeunes(Information for Youngsters)in Marche-en-Famenne

+ Youth:

 - Help service for youth in open custody,
    in Marche
   Tel. : 084/31.19.31
 - Le Miroir Vagabond (OISP), in Bourdon
   Tel. : 084/31.19.46
 - What to do after leaving school
   Information about schooling, trades,
   trainings (website set up by the French Community of Belgium)



Service public fédéral de Justice (Federal Public Service « Justice »)



INFOR JEUNES (Information for Youngsters)



Mic-Ados Testez votre CV en ligne avec Jobetic (Test your CV online with Jobetic)
Service ALE et liens pour une recherche d'emploi dans ce site ALE (Local Agency for Employment) services and links to job search assistance on this website

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