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 Procedure / Solution
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+ Deaths :

Go to the Municipal Administration of the place of death.


Service Etat civil (Civil Registry Department)


+ Waste:

Selective waste collection schedule.

Container yards opening hours


Service Eco-conseil (Ecological counselling Department)

Parc à containers (Container yards)

+ Cohabitation declaration:
Go to the Department.

+ Organ donor declaration:
Go to the Department.

+ Living will declaration:
Go to the Department.

+ Petition for disability allowances and tax/fringe benefits:
Go to the Department.



Service Population (Population Department)

+ Burial request:

Write to the Burgomaster.

+ Long-term development: 


Services communaux (Municipal services)

Service Eco-conseil (Ecological Counselling Department), Leader+, GAL

+ Water supply:

Telephone seven days a week :083/61 12 05

+ Divorce:

Go to the Municipal Administration of the wedding place.

+ DocStop:

To check or lock your identity card, your resident permit or your passport (with an embedded chipset), stolen or lost, via the Internet (free, twenty four seven) :
or dial the free number 00800 2123 2123 and lock it.
This service only allows you to lock Belgian identity documents.
If you fail to reach the 00800 2123 2123, dial +32 2 518 2123.



Service Etat civil (Civil Registry Department) 




cliquer ici (click here)


+ Drugs:

Go to the Coordination-Preventive action- Addiction- Department.
Rue des Carmes, 26 in Marche-en-Famenne or browse the website:


Plan-Drogue (Drug Programme)

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