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 Procedure / Solution
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+ Land register:

Information on land register(consultation only).


Service Urbanisme (Town Planning Department)

+ Schedule: Service Eco-conseil (Ecological Counselling Department)
Agenda (Schedule)

+ Camp :

Do you want to organize your camp?
You have to get authorization from the Aldermen’s College.


Collège Echevinal (Aldermen’s College)

+ Itinerate trade license:
+ Electronic identity card:
+ TEC 65+ card:

+ Nationality certificate:
+ Residence/Domicile certificate:
+ Life certificate:
+ Grant of probate(sums lower than 743 €) :
+ Grand of probate(sums higher than 743 €) :
+ Certificate of poverty:

+ Change of address in the municipality:

Go to the Department.

+  Change of domicile (arrival):
Go to the Department.

+ Household composition:
Go to the Department.

+ Certified copy:
Go to the Department.





Service Population (Population Department)

+ Residence permit: Service Etrangers (Foreigners Department)

+ Identity card:

- Compulsory from 12 years old.
- Issued by the Population Department of your Municipal Administration.

- In case of loss: you have to ask for a replacement card and declare the loss to the police.



Service Population (Population Department)



+ Good Behaviour Certificate and Character reference

Go to the Municipal Administration.


Service Police administrative (Administrative Police Department)


+ Certificate of military service(Model 33) :

Go to the Secretariat Department office.

Service Secrétariat & Communication (Secretariat and Communication Department)

+ Chambre de Commerce & de l'Industrie (Chamber of Commerce and Industry):

Tel. :
061/ 29 30 40


La Chambre de Commerce (The Chamber of Commerce)


+ Hunting:

Compulsory character reference.
Get information from the DNF.


Service Police administrative (Administrative Police Service) et
Nature & Forêts (Nature and Forests)


+ Cats and dogs:

Do you own a cat or a dog?
There is no municipal tax.



+ Unemployment, loss of income:

- Municipal labor control has been suppressed; go to the Maison de l'Emploi (Job House)in Barvaux-sur-Ourthe or to the Forem in Marche-en-Famenne.
- Giving a helping hand as an ALE worker.


Service ALE (ALE-Local Agency for Employment Service)
Le Forem
Service ALE (Local Agency for Employment Service)


+ Compnaies,hotels and others in Hotton :

Use the Vie économique (Economic Life) section on this website.


Répertoire économique (Economic directory)


+ Municipal Council :

Contact information available in the
Administration/Conseil Communal (Municipal Administration/ Council section:


Conseil Communal (Municipal Council)


+ Building:

Do you want to build or carry out works that require a town planning permit?
Contact the Town Planning Department.



Service Urbanisme (TownPlanning Department)


+ Ministry of transport test:

In Aye (084/ 37 43 80),
Werbomont (086/ 43 32 75),
or Barrière-Hinck (061/ 68 81 59)

Groupement des entreprises agréées de contrôle automobile & du permis de conduire asbl Group of credited MOT and driving license companies, non-profit-making body
+ CPAS (Public Centre for Community Action):
Comment introduire une demande au CPAS ? (How to file a petition to the Public Centre for Community Action ?)
+ Créa-job Economie locale (Local economy)
+ Day nursery
   Tel. : 084/37 41 57
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