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A ‘Cat Square’ in Hotton



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Who hasn’t heard of the famous Philippe Geluck’s “Cat”? That character has been making children and adults laugh for many years indeed. For the first time in history a municipal square in Hotton has been named after the “Cat”. His « spiritual father » was attending that unique event celebrated with great pomp…

Philippe Geluck’s original joyous entry into the streets of Hotton

October 11th 2008: the inhabitants of Hotton won’t soon forget that day when many of them attended the inauguration of the « Cat Square ». The famous comic strip character is symbolized by a magnificent bronze statue that is only uses energy to get lighting and to supply its water fountain with power.

François DEBOUCQ, the cartoonist’s official sculptor, designed the « Cat » statue.

As a new quartier voyait le jour in Hotton, the junior municipal councillors came up with the idea of naming it after the famous Philippe Geluck’s « Cat », an easy going character whose philosophical statements perfectly mirror the surrounding world.
Philippe Courard, the Hotton Titular Burgomaster got enthusiastic about those young representatives’ idea and got in touch with Geluck to ask him to take part in this project. The cartoonist immediately agreed.
Philippe Geluck first called on the Junior Municipal Councillors, who were then invited  to visit the cartoonist’s studio in Brussels. Thereafter they came up with a top-secret project : creating a « Cat » statue.
Remarkably the Hotton Municipal Council devolved the ownership of the staue as well as the mangement of relating pedagogical projects to the Junior Municpal Council and the Pouvoirs organisateurs des Ecoles hottonnaises. The Hotton representatives, under the aegis of Françoise JEANMART, Effective Burgomaster, ensure  the lasting of the project as its follow-up will be handed over year after year to a new generation of pupils.

The Hotton Junior Municipal Councillors are posing in front of the « Cat » statue with   Philippe Geluck.

Day D has finally arrived after several months of work and collaboration. In front of all the Hotton school children, hundreds of spectators and a gathering of VIPs, the Hotton junior municipal councillors are taking off the white veil that was covering the statue. Perched on a blue stone pedestal completely achieved by municipal workers, the Cat appears under an umbrella that proves to be a fountain during daytime and a lighting system at night. Photovoltaic panels supply the whole system with power.

The inhabitants of Hotton are about to discover the « Cat » statue


Hundreds of spectators...


...including many VIP’s were attending that historical event.

The Effective Burgomaster Françoise Jeanmart also bestowed the title of Citizen of Honor of the Hotton Municipality on Philippe Geluck, who was visibly touched to see his “Cat” being honored.


The famous Geluck’s Cat has his own square from now on!



Sumptuous gifts always come in threes: Philippe GELUCK entrusted the new exhibition of his work to Hotton until the end of the year. Like a precious pearl in the Hotton Cultural Centre setting that exhibition has been opening to everyone since the preview on October 11th 2008.  Since pedagogy lies at the heart of the project, some visiting periods are especially restricted to schools.

Opening of the exhibition at the Espace culturel

The « Cat »’s friends and PHILIPPE GELUCK’s numerous fans are now expected in Hotton, one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia to discover the cartoonist’s new statue and exhibition.

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