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Ecological Counselling
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Hotton- Civic mindedness – cleanness


  • A non-profit-making body, Hotton - civisme et propreté (Hotton, civic mindedness and cleanness), was set up in 2004.
  • This association has the collective goal of implementing any action in the Hotton municipality in support of :

a) civic mindedness :  the "Amendes administratives" (« Administrative fines »)department (respect for signage, public trash cans, avoiding billsticking, dépôts sauvages (illegal dump waste), les feux de jardin (garden fires), any vandalism act…) is currently taking on this task.
b) cleanness: clean up and maintenance of promenades, public roads and billboards, public dustbin collection, special aid to container yard-goers.

  • The non-profit-making body is currently hiring a team of workers who are mainly achieving community goals.
During the year 2004 they regularly:
-        cleaned up 12 villages
-       removed illegally dumped waste
-        cleaned up trickles of water and ditches (+- 240 km)
-        removed dustbins, which used to be an MET attribution
-        maintained waymarked footpaths (+- 220 km).
  • This non-profit-making body has already proved to be very useful to the Municipal environment in particular during socio-cultural, economic, sport or tourist activities.

Contact : Service Ouvriers (Workers Department)(0494/514 012)

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