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Ecological Counselling
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Container yards

Container yards


    Summer schedule :

    (From May 1st till October 31st)
    On weekdays from 1 p.m. till 7 p.m.
    On Saturdays from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.

    Winter schedule :

    (From November 1st till April 30th)
    On Weekdays from noon till 6 p.m
    On Saturdays from 9 a.m till 6 p.m.

    N.B: The container yards will be also closed on jours fériés (bank holidays).

Comment trier efficacement ? Learn how to sort waste efficiently

Route de Barvaux, 28
(Mixed-use business park in Terre-et-Telle)

Tél. 084/46 69 95

(Idelux website)


    Households domiciled in Hotton or recognized as secondary residents are granted a 25 € premium to encourage container yard attendance (loyalty card after 10 attendances a year, at the rate of one attendance a month as a minimum).

    Only heads of household who use the container yard through calendar year at a rate of 10 attendances a year as a minimum in different months are entitled to that premium.

    The attendance certificate will be made out according to the loyalty card issued and stamped monthly by the container yard staff.

    Only one stamp a month is allowed. If you only bring garden waste or broken bricks, your card won’t get stamped. This measure aims at urging households to modify deeply their consumer habits and to recycle commonly used products.

    The municipal premium is granted upon request to the Burgomaster and Aldermen’s College.

    Fill in the fields on the backside of your loyalty card to achieve your request. Send your loyalty card back when it has been stamped ten times.

    The municipality’s inhabitants can use all the container yards managed by IDELUX for free.

Are you self-employed, a shopkeeper or a community administrator?
To know your own conditions of access to the container yards,
contact Denis LUC at the 0495/ 290131.

The container yard supervisor will register you and check if you make a good use of the containers. Let him help you out!

Traffic must keep moving well in the container yard and speed is limited to 5 km per hour. Dogs and unaccompanied children are not allowed.

       - Waste paper:
    newspapers, junk mail, magazines, writing paper, copying paper, computer paper,                           phone directories, (free, tied up with string or in a cardboard box).

       - Cardboards: folded cardboard boxes unless they are tied up in a container box.

                        Excluded materials: oiled cardboards and waste paper, waxed paper, carbon paper,
                       stained paper, paper with plastic compounds or magnetic tracks, wallpaper and cement bags.
       - Glass materials have to be dumped into the container corresponding to the glass colour                       (white or green).

                        Excluded materials: refractory objects, stained glass, crystal, opal glass,
                       ice cream glass, car windows, Plexiglas, incandescent lamps,
                       neon lamps, stones, tiling, china and earthenware.

        - Plastics, metals, drink cardboard boxes: cf. door-to-door collection.

       - Textile materials: clothes, fabrics, shoes, leather goods,...

       - Rubble : sheer ballast, concrete blocks, hardened cement , plaster, lime, sheetrocks, asphalt, tiles.

                       Excluded materials: large amounts of building materials, concrete mixed with
                       iron, glass, wood, dirt.

       - Old metals: (non-)iron metals such as tinplate, metal patches and wires, washing machines, fridges, stoves, bicycles, …

       - Worn oils: private worn motor oils, frying oils and fats.

                       Excluded materials: large amounts of motor oils, oils containing toxic substances.

       - Garden waste: mowed lawn, cut hedges or shrubs, branches
                                         (diameter smaller than 15 centimeters), potato leaf stalks.

                        Excluded materials: deadwood such as wooden window frames, discard wood from building sites, painted wood, wood mixed with iron and materials, biodegradable household waste.
       - Household bulky waste: cf. door-to-door collection plus deadwood such as wooden window frames, discard wood from building sites, painted wood, wood mixed with iron and other materials.

       - Special or hazardous waste generated by normal household activities:
    • paints, inks, glues, resins

    • oils and fats
    • solvents: cleaning solvents, dry cleaning products, stain removers, chlorinated solvents, ether, methylated spirits, petrol (gasoline),acetone, white spirit, turpentine, antifreeze, formalin…
    • acids : hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric, phosphoric…acids
    • bases: cleaning bases, drain unclogging products, caustic soda, “caligene”, ammonia…
    • cleaning agents: bars of soap, detergents, descaling agents, wax, rust preventive, metal-cleaning cream…
    • batteries: car batteries, round batteries, alkaline/silver/cadmium/nickel/manganese/mercury batteries...
    • mercury-based substances or products: fluorescent or mercury lamps, thermometres…
    • Miscellaneous: out-of-date or unused chemical products, aerosol sprays, pesticides, cosmetics, fire extinguishers…

Home service for people who cannot go to the container yard!

If you don’t have the opportunity to go to the container yard,
make yourself known so that we can help you assess your needs.

  Contact : Service communal Eco-conseil : Carole RASKIN Municipal Department for Ecological Counselling
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