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Ecological Counselling
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Bulky waste collection

Regulations of container yards

  • What is bulky waste?

Household bulky waste is any waste generated by normal private household activities that cannot be normally collected because of its nature, size or weight: scrap metal, old mattresses, household appliances, bicycles, jumble…
There are four collections a year and voluminous objects can be dumped at a maximum rate of 3 cubic meters per household and per collection.

Les dates de collecte des déchets Waste collection schedule

  • Beware: the following materials are excluded:

- Tyres
- Rubble
- Garden waste
- Demolition waste
- Liquid waste
- Metal waste (bulky waste)
- Wood waste (bulky waste)
- Glass bottles and jars
- Waste that may be taken back during other waste collections
   (paper, cardboards, PMC, clothes, …)
- Waste in bags
- Hazardous waste
- Agricultural plastics
- Explosive waste (gas cylinder, ...)
- Waste caused by a commercial activity or a removal

  • These materials are however accepted:

- Waste that is too heavy or too big to be dumped into the usual collection receptacle
  (double dustbin or bags) and unrecyclable waste:
  old mattresses, armchairs, plastic furniture (tables, chairs...), insulation and gyproc® planks, glass wool, mirrors, big plastic objects (buckets, child toys...)

- Waste exceptionally produced in large quantities:
  wallpapers, linoleums, (fitted) carpets,...

- Bulky waste is supposed to be handled by 2 people without any danger.

  • Good to know:

- Bulky waste won’t be recycled

- Bulky metallic or wooden waste has to be brought to the container yard except for people of reduced mobility if no specific solution.

 Contact : Service communal Eco-conseil : Carole RASKIN Municipal Department for Ecological Counselling

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