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Person in charge : Mr Richard BOURCY
E-mail : ale@hotton.be
Tel. : 084 36 00 14
Fax : 084 46 75 77
  Mondays – Thursdays : From 8h till 12h
and 13h till 5 p. m. except july and aug. until 16u 

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Administration Communale
Service ALE
Rue des Ecoles, 50 • 6990 Hotton
Ground floor • Office n° 5


  • The ALE is in charge of getting long-term unemployed people and the recipients of social benefits (formerly known as « minimexés ») of the Municipality back to work. This agency attempts to meet certain needs that can’t be found on regular job channels such as:
    - Garden maintenance support, indoor and outdoor DIY.
    - Minor repairing and maintenance works in the user’s dwelling
    - Children nursery at home
    - Administrative support
    - Assistance in schools
    - Pedagogical support
    - Assistance and/or transport for old/disabled people.
    The agency also gives information about “reduced-cost services” (“titres-services”), career break and the “credit-time”.
  • Registrations at the ALE:
    - as a natural or legal person : call the phone number above to make an appointment. You only need your ID and 4.95 €. From January 1st 2007, a registration for 1, 2 or 3 kinds of activities is possible and the ALE checks will have to be bought for every kind of activities ( 5.95 € since January 1st 2009 except for the users previously registered, who benefit from the former rates until their annual registration falls due.
    - as an ALE worker : as soon as you have received a letter of authorization from the ONEM, you will get a summons from the ALE.
    - for any further details : Télécharger la brochure (pdf) (Download the brochure)
    - Online information : www.cheque-ale-onem.be
  • Information about job search assistance:
    - permanences de la Maison de l'Emploi  The Durbuy Job House duty hours in the Municipality premises.
    - consult also the available brochures on the Activa plan below…
    - browse regularly on the ONEM and Forem websites
    - Portail fédéral (Federal portal)
  • Detailed job offers from the  Forem : photocopies also available on demand.
  • Online job searching :
    - The ARBAJOB (www.arbajob.be) and OPTIONCARRIERE (www.optioncarriere.be) websites are web search engines providing classified lists of job offers from numerous partners (Monster, Stepstone, Le Forem, Jobstoday...)
    - The Mon-emploi (My Job) website (www.mon-emploi.be) includes a list of more than 600 websites related to working life : recruiting offices, job offers, social code, CV’s and motivation letters, working abroad, lists of companies, student  jobs…
    - The P'tit Routard de l'Emploi website (www.routarddelemploi.be) is portal directed to job searchers in the Province of Luxembourg and the Walloon Region, which provides a list of all the agencies within the framework of the job-seeking plans and  a chat forum.
    - The ALTERJOB website (www.alterjob.be) is a non-profit portal where you can deposit your CV online.
  • Trainings and information:
    Information on trades and companies:
    www.lesjeunesontdutalent.be and www.monmetiermonavenir.be
    Job search assistance (by appointment; dial 084/360014):
    on the first and third Fridays of every month at the l'espace public numérique (public digital space) of the Municipal Library.
    Trainings for grown-ups ( Miroir Vagabond  )
    Training offers :
    www.promotion-sociale-marche.be ; http://users.skynet.be/promsocl/formations.htm
  • Test your CV online with Jobetic
    You can test your CV! The agency Alias Presse, which publishes the Jobetic blog for job searchers in France, has just made a free online tool available in order to test your CV and to find out if recruitment and job offers websites softwares can read your CV.
  • Financial assistance for driving license:
    People registered at the ALE can apply for financial assistance  to practical driving lessons (driving license B) and during training courses accredited by the FOREM (consult l'agenda (the schedule) and the following website: DAMIER).
  • Express your opinion as a jobseeker : votre avis sur le site du CESF (your opinion about the CESF website)
  • Information about Titres-services (Reduced-cost services) (or consult the social services services sociaux ) :
    “Reduced-cost services” (“titres-services”) enable private individuals to pay home and outside help services or transport assistance for people with reduced mobility at reduced cost..
    This system involves an accredited company that hires workers to carry out services at the users’ home (private users). Each working hour can be paid by « titre-service » (« reduced-cost service cheque ») available either as a hard copy or as an on-line database. The Onem has entrusted Sodexho with the management for « reduced-cost services cheques » (www.titres-services-onem.be).
    En savoir plus... (Read more about it)
  • Information about the other social partners: Integra+, Maison de l'emploi...
  • Going self-employed, set up your own company:Créajob...


  • Plan ACTIVA (Activa Plan) :
    Guidelines for workers - Télécharger la brochure  (Download the brochure)
    To renew your Activa card every three months, stop by the ALE or call directly the ONEM at 063/245 711.
    Guidelines for employers - Télécharger la brochure (Download the brochure)
  • ALE : La clé pour se faire aider dans 1001 travaux. (ALE :How to get help for all kinds of work)
    Leaflet for private users. Free.
    (Think of it when you need a helping hand)
    Télécharger la brochure (Download the brochure)
  • ALE : Dépliant pour les demandeurs d'emploi. (ALE: Leaflet for jobseekers)
    The key to more income and new prospects on the job market. Free.
  • ALE : Brochure pour les associations et les écoles. (ALE : Brochure for associations and schools)
    Leaflet for moral users. How to get help for all kinds of work (directed to associations and schools). Free.
  • ALE : Guide de bonne conduite. (ALE: Rules of conduct)
    For a safe work within the frame of the Agences locales pour l'emploi (Local Employment Agencies) (directed to users and unemployed people). Free.
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