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Natural heritage

Hole Fré Djame
B-6990 Hotton

The trou Fré Djame or trou du Frère Guillaume, named after a monk, brother William, who is said to have lived there as a hermit, is perched above the Ourthe, giving directly onto a 20 m drop. It is what remains of a tunnel that crossed the rock from end to end and was formed several million years ago.

Trou Fré Djame
B-6990 Hotton
Vallée de l'Isbelle
B-6990 Hotton

Isbelle Valley
B-6990 Hotton

When the Isbelle, coming from the impervious sandstone areas upstream arrives on the limestone beds just downstream of the hamlet of Mélines, it disappears and into the ground follows an underground course. This is facilitated by the presence of two small, parallel faults running perpendicular to the valley of the Ourthe.

Arboretum du Château de Deulin
du château 10
B-6990 Deulin (Hotton)

Tél : 084/46.66.16
Site web :



Deulin's arboretum castle
du château 10
B-6990 Deulin (Hotton)

Tel : 084/46.66.16
Web site : 

The park in its present form dates from a landscape gardening project at the beginning of the 20th century. Following the path, you will be able to identify over forty woody species. Some of these are indigenous species, the others foreign, ornamental species introduced to for the decoration of the park. They have either been planted next to our home-grown species or, for those specimens having a particularly remarkable crown or colour, on their own.

Arboretum in the Council park
B-6990 Hotton

The Council park where you can find many different wood essences is at 100m from Hotton. A pick-nick area is made and when you go upstairs on the tower you can discover a beautiful panoramic view over the villages Hotton and Melreux.

 mdts2030.jpg Arboretum du Parc Communal de Hotton
B-6990 Hotton
Grottes de Hotton
B-6990 Hotton

Site web :



Caves of Hotton
B-6990 Hotton

Web site : 

Discovered in 1958, one of the most beautiful of the country. A few mounds, of which « the watering place », the tallest we know in Belgium. Those mounds are basins which are constructed naturally by underground waters. Marvellous rooms. And to crown the visit, the balcony dominates the cavity where you can hear the river 30m below.


Caves of Porte Aïve
B-6990 Hotton

The vast entrance room with a single, narrow, 30 meter long gallery leading off it is of great interest to archaeologists. The cave was used by man from as early as the Neolithic period. A collective burial place, a Neolithic type of necropolis, has been unearthed at the entrance terrace. There is very probably that an older (Palaeolithic) site inside the cave itself At the end of 1944, the Germans established a command post inside the cave. Geologically speaking, this cave has the particularity of running perpendicular to the rock strata, which are vertical.

  Grottes de la porte Aïve
B-6990 Hotton
Île de l'Oneux rue Haute
6990 Hotton

Oneux Island
Rue Haute
B-6990 Hotton

Formed by the Ourthe and the millstream, the Oneux island is a six hectare grass-covered area surrounded by large poplar trees and situated in the very centre of Hotton. This space is ideal for organising events, for walking, resting, swimming, fishing and relaxation. It also has an original playground, a goat breeding farm and a very attractive kiosk.

Calestienne Garden
B-6990 Hotton

The Calestienne is the name given to a continuous limestone band that runs form the region of Liege to Chimay via Remouchamps, Hotton, Rochefort, Han and Givet. At Hotton, it clearly marks the boundary between the Ardennes and Famenne. Apart from having the largest caves in the country, the Calestienne also contains a rich, varied natural flora that is specific to limestone areas. 

 Jardin de la Calestienne
B-6990 Hotton

B-6990 Hotton

Tél : 084/41.35.71



By its origin, the Ourthe consists of two branches : one, the Western Ourthe (53 km long) has its source near Libramont, at Sainte-Marie (altitude: 501 m), and the other, the Eastern Ourthe (46 km long) has its source near to the village of Ourthe, near to Gouvy (altitude : 507 m). These two branches converge near Engreux (Nisramont) to form the Upper Ourthe.


Discover walk of the Stone and the Water
B-6990 (Hotton)

This 70 km walk is market out with beacons (red horizontal rectangle), and take you for a walk through the entity of Hotton. At your tempo, you discover the little villages, the patrimonium, the natural richness, craftsmen and local producers. You can buy a topographic map with descriptive into the tourist office.

 Promenade découverte Pierre et Eau
B-6990 (Hotton)
B-6990 Hotton

B-6990 Hotton

16 walks and 4 mountain-bike trips are recently marked out with a red horizontal rectangle. You find in every village a road sign with useful information. You can buy a map on 1/25.000 in the tourist office.


Renissart Rocks
B-6990 Hotton

The Renissart rocks are situated on the right bank, upstream of Hotton bridge. Begin 1990, they opened 17 climbing routes on the Massif “fre Djame” equiped on brooches, the speleoclub is the manager of the rocks.

 Rochers de Renissart
B-6990 Hotton
Villages fleuris
B-6990 Hotton

Villages in bloom
B-6990 Hotton

The members of the "La Souche fleurie", horticultural society, which brings together people from Menil, Marenne, Bourdon and Verdenne, decorate the village and organise floral displays which are really worth a visit during the flowering season.

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