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Sam jours de marché de 9 à 12h ;
fermé mardi et jeudi après-midi.

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Walk n°1: Monteuville
5,5km - 1hour and 30 minutes- Departure rue des Eneilles
(to Deulin) Marking: Green Diamond
Comments: no problems - very muddy - exceptional flora!

Towards Deulin - 200m further, turn left - walk near the bridge and continue up to the crossroads with four roads - go right to the campground and go straight on along - at the end of it, half turn left - at the end of the little hill, you come to an "Y" - take  right between a pasture and a wood - continue this path until a forest - turn left - continue this road until the junction with 4 roads - turn left then right to Monteuville - beautiful view - from the campsite, the way is often muddy and very wet.


Walk n°2: La Passerelle
5km - Duration 1hour - Départure from the bower of Deulin
(to the farm and the castel)
Marking : Rectangle vertical Yellow not very difficult
Turn right a country path until the N898 -Deulin Fronville - take this way during 300m then turn right to reach the bridge - cross over it always right to the top of a small hill - turn right to the campground - turn right - go under the Bridge Campground Mayette, cross it over - up to the reception, turn right and walk along the Ourthe up to Deulin.


Walk n° 4: Lava
5km - Duration 1hour and 30 minutes - Départure from Monville, play garden  rue du Cossou 
Marking : red rectangle vertical , not very difficult and not muddy
you can do this walk with a buggy!
Take right along the riverside l'Ourthe  – path – asphalt road at the end you turn left – take the street Lava up to the road of Deulin-Fronville – during 400m – take right and then left near the farm and pass along the cemetery–turn right during 400-500m – take left a country path–go back through the street la Villette.


Walk n° 5: Saint Pierre
13km - Duration 3h45 -Departure from the church in Melreux.Marking:red diamond - not very difficult, when it rains a little bit muddy.
Follow the main street up to the butcher's Marischal and pass behind–follow the street Thier as far as the forest – turn right until Terre & Telle –cross over the road of Barvaux and follow the land path to Ny – take again the very small tar road up to the farm castel and take the road of farms to Hotton and the camping and finish with the street du Noyer.


Walk n°6: Les Fontaines
7.5km - Duration 2hours-Departure from the village Ny
Marking : green cross
you can walk with a buggy,not muddy. After 400m take right between a few houses -go on up to the street Monty to the chapel-take left-by the summer cottages take right-go straight on to  
Biron – take one time right – a second time futher right – go on to the church– there, take left– cross over the river in a land path and take left at the end , then right– return to Ny along the way Oppagne.


Walk n° 7: L'Isbelle
11.5km - duration 3h30 -Departure from Ny direction Soy-Melines by the way
Marking : Rectangle blue, white, blue
easy, not muddy, beautiful walk.

Cross the main street Hotton-Erezée – until the camping of Melines and take right into the forest of Soy up to Wy – take right to visit the village – after take left on the asphalt road  – at the crossroad, take left near the 2 caravans -than take left and go on in a land path –take right on the edge of the forest and walk along during 400-500m – take right then left to come back to Soy -cross over the road Hotton-Erezée near the restaurant "Comme chez Soy" take left then right –again left – cross over the way Ny-Soy 
and go down up to Ny –cross fenced pastures : close the fence , you arrive on the fitness trail Espinette – return to Fontaines.


Walk  n° 8: Porte Aïve 
7.5km - duration 2hours 30 minutes - Departure tourist office 
Marking :  Blue cross
medium difficulty, muddy when it rains.

Direction Faber mill –
take the path ont the left of the restaurant le Relais des Rochers -follow the marking up to "Rocks of Renissart" then up to Ti-château – turn right – continue to the right to porte Aïve –cross over the road Hotton-Barvaux and go down to Ny by the bicycle path – return to Godenir House.
Alternative : ± 30 min → visit the village Ny, one of the 22 beautoful Villages of  Wallonie, 1 km and return by marking red diamond (see walk n° 5)

Walk n° 9 : Fonds des Trottes
7km - Duration: 2h30 - Departure from Hotton the tourist office
Marking : blue
Rectangle vertical -medium difficulty- not muddy
Cross over the bridge and take left,
walk along the river Ourthe by the street Simon for 100m, and turn right by the goats, direction local park, walk to the cemetery and turn left direction the caves of Hotton, go on on the right street near the caves to the village Menil-Favay.
By the crossroad in T, take to the left direction Menil-Favay, then again left at the top of the hill – when you arrive in  Hampteau go down to rue Chavée up tot the street of  Hotton – turn left direction Hotton – and cross over the way by the castle Héblon and pass before the cottage of the speleoclub from Belgium – cross over the bridge l'Isbelle with its resurgence – 
go straight on along "voie des morts" – you can see the hole Fre D'Jame above– on the top  you take right up to Belvedere and Ti-Château – take left up to the street  Hotton-Erezée –pass between the two cemetery's .

Walk n° 10: En Maffe
12km - Duration : 3h45 - Departure from Hotton the tourist office
Marking :blue Rectangle  horizontal
easy - one of the most beautiful walks !!!

Cross over the bridge and take right by the street 
Batty – at he entrance of the street 'Izegem, turn right and cross over the camping – follow the river Ourthe – go on to the Sarts until the garage Lambert and cross over the road – continue until the wood and take right on the land path and the street Marenne-Bourdon – go on to the left during 200-300m and take left to the career –take right between two fences to the church
of Marenne – turn left and again left by the cross until Menil-Favay – turn left and again left by the chapel – go down from Maffe to Hotton (street Parfonry).

Walk  n° 11 : Champs d'Héblon
7km - duration : 2h30 -
Departure by the church of Werpin.
Marking: Rectangle green, white, green

no muddy, difficult departure
turn left near the virgin- take the climb up the hill next to the tank, trough the forest until Trinal-Melines-turn left and go on to the crossroad – turn left again direction Werpin and then take right– walk past some caravans,across the pasture right  – take left and follow the way –
go down to Hampteau near hotel la Besace
and come back by road to the starting point.

Walk n° 12 : Vierge de Werpin
8km - duration : 2h30 -
Departure by the church in Werpin.
Marking : Green rectangle horizontal difficult departure 

Take the climb up the hill Virgin street
walk on the right of the virgin – 
turn right before Trinal – right – follow the way Trinal-Beffe – take right and go on during 400m –take left – turn around and take right- on the top of the hill, turn left and walk through two or three fenced fields -close the fence.
– return by road Trinal an turn immediately right-go on until the tank- go down to Werpin, through the forest and return to the virgin.

Walk n° 13: Bois de Hampteau

9.5km - Duration : 3h15 -
Departure from the church in  Hampteau
Marking : yellow diamond
muddy when it's raining - one of the most beautiful walks. 
Take the direction from Hotton – ont the right after the hairdressing salon , follow the path– walk along the restaurant  "Le Rucher" – take right and find the main road , then take right street Inzefin – go on in the forest direction Hamoul – when you left the forest, take right by the restaurant "Li P'tit Créton" – cross over the bridge right ang go on on the asphalt road ont he left of the holiday cottage "La Scierie" up to the forest Hampteau – walk through the forest Hampteau and cross over the road 
continue in front up to the top from the little hillside . Take right and go down to the village  Hampteau.


Walk n°14: Grand Pouhon
7,5km - Duration : 2h00 -
Departure place de Menil
Marking : Rectangle horizontal yellow, white, yellow
not muddy - one of the most beautiful walks !

Walk down to the chapel – go on in the same direction up to a picnic table  – take right-follow the land path - ford a river and follow the same direction up to the village Marenne -turn left – go straight on and walk in the forest Pouhon– turn left-follow the markings until the crossroad -turn left-at the top of the hill, turn again left-until the asphalt road and up to the highest point of the Common (400m on Waha)-walk down left to Menil-Favay-beautiful viewpoint.

Walk n° 15: Croix de Pierre
5.5km - duration: 1h30 -
Departure from the church of Bourdon
Marking : blue diamond
not muddy
Direction railway – cross over  – take the right path along– continue up to the two houses – turn left a difficult climb up to the forest- –we have a beautiful viewpoint on the  Famenne-
walk on the asphalt path until the crossroad-

go straight on during 100m to see the farm – turn right and then left-then again left and follow the road Verdenne-Marenne until the restaurant " Les pieds dans le plat" – turn left – be unaware the two right roads–at the monument of dead,to turn left and continue up to the old path of Verdenne- turn right and go down up to Bourdon!
Walk n°16: Woizin
9km - Duration : 3h -
Departure church of Marenne
Marking : yellow Rectangle horizontal and on the Common of Marche green triangle

Take the path immediately after the play garden direction career of Marenne, turn left, 400m further again left, go on to the restaurant.
" Les pieds dans le plat" – turn right and go on up to Verdenne – walk through the village – at the crossroad, straight on 
take right by  the Christ on the cross– go on to the road Verdenne-Marche, you left this road on your right an go on in a green path during +/- 2,5km, then you come on an asphalt road – turn right – then left – go on during 100m –
take again left up to the village Champlon-Famenne – turn left – at the end of the village, again left – go on this way, until a monument of war resisters – turn right, at the end of this path again right and then straight left  –go on up to the road Verdenne-Marenne – take right– return through Woizin.

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